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I felt it was time to get back into the swing of things and start another series. The concept started off as some old taboo ideas I had in EverNote, but I don’t taboo anymore, so I switched it to a billionaire boss theme to get that same sort of forbidden vibe. Of course there’s the power difference added too, which might make some people uncomfortable, but all the stories are HEA, so hopefully that counteracts it.

This book goes LIVE on March 16th!

Having His Baby: First Time Bareback Menage (Billionaire Bosses Book 1)



Meet five young women and their billionaire bosses as they enter the world of pleasure and intimacy. These innocent women and their alpha males are about to embark on the sensual journey of a lifetime. 

Roy and Henrietta are the most amazing, and filthy rich, bosses that a girl like me could ever have! They’re willing to pay for my college education and expenses, but it comes with a price: they want me to be their surrogate.

But their price comes with a more shocking revelation…they want me, both of them. While I’m tempted to take their offer and make their dreams come true, there are too many doubts swirling through my head. Will I give in to them and let them take my innocence? Or will I pass on the opportunity of a lifetime?

This 20,000 word novella is full of hot steamy action with a HEA and no cheating. Each book in the series is a standalone and can be read independent of each other.

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