The Naughty Caroline Chronicles

A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Friendship: Book 1

Barely legal and innocent Caroline Bingley turns to her handsome friend, Mr. Darcy, for comfort after she’s rejected by someone else. Darcy gives her a shoulder to cry on, but it’s not enough for Caroline. The shy and sensitive man she’s come to know and love stirs up something deep inside her, a desire that she wants him to fulfill. Will she proposition him knowing that it could change the future of their friendship forever?



Innocence: Book 2

Caroline Bingley wants to make sure that Charles’ potential partner is up to her standards, so she devises a plan to get to know her better. When Jane Bennet becomes ill from traveling in the rain, Caroline takes it upon herself to aid the young lady’s recovery. Remembering a random tip about shortening the length of an illness, Caroline wonders if Jane should be the first person to try the pleasurable remedy on. The poor woman is the epitome of innocence, sparking Caroline’s curiosity of just how far Jane will let her go.


Envy: Book 3

Caroline Bingley is dismayed to learn that Jane’s illness brings Elizabeth Bennet to her doorstep. While Elizabeth’s only concern is her sister’s health, Caroline notices Darcy’s reaction to the young beauty and vows to learn what Elizabeth possesses that intrigues Darcy.

But Caroline’s impassioned perusal may not end how she expects with Elizabeth’s fiery temperament only a heartbeat away. Can envy and desire be two sides of the same coin?


Passion: Book 4

Gloating should be Caroline’s last name since she takes such delight in informing her friend, Darcy, that the object of his affections might not feel the same. Filled with jealousy and the inside knowledge of what happened between her and Elizabeth, Caroline tries to lure Darcy in one more time. Will he succumb to her once more or push her away forever?




True Love: Book 5

With everyone around her paired off, Caroline’s never felt so lonely. She discovers she’s not the only one when strikes up an unlikely friendship with Charlotte Lucas, a woman who married someone out of convenience. Neither of them want to feel alone anymore, but Charlotte’s marriage puts them in a delicate situation. Is it something they can overcome or are they destined to be miserable forever?