Modern Erotic Fairy Tales Series

In a modern universe where fairy tale princesses are normal innocent young women with an alpha male or man of the house in their lives, comes a series of tales about discovering passion and love in unexpected places.

Taking Ella

Ella is forbidden to go to grad night because of the strict and overbearing man of the house. She’s stuck at home while her friends and the girls she grew up with get to have fun, and she finds the alpha male drinking due to his impending loneliness.

She learns the true reasons behind his unfair treatment and discovers that he wants to roughly take her innocence without protection. Ella has plans for college, but can a taboo encounter give her enough reason to stay? Or does she want something more from the man who wants to ravish her?

Ravishing Belle

Belle volunteers to help her alpha male neighbor, Adam, who recently moved back into town. She doesn’t expect him to initially be so rude, but then he apologizes and offers to pay her and give her free housing for the summer. She takes the job since it comes with avoiding her ex-boyfriend, Garrett, who’s been trying to rekindle a dead relationship

One night, she gets shaken up after an encounter with Garrett, but she also finds herself surprisingly excited. Adam catches on and a simple kiss leads to him roughly taking her innocence with no protection, and Belle may have to reevaluate her future plans.

Seducing Aurora

Aurora is reunited with the man of the house years later after he sent her away to boarding school. She doesn’t really know him or remember much about him, but she’s suspicious of his intentions since he sent her away after he became a widow.

After an argument with him, she goes to the rec room to cool off, and her alpha male ends up kissing her in her sleep. Later, he roughly takes her innocence while she’s in her room, and they both realize that they need each other after the loss they suffered over a decade ago.

Claiming Ariel

Ariel is a skilled swimmer who has a crush on her coach, Eric. He tries to remain professional with her, but her impending journey to a swimming scholarship makes him reconsider his reservations.

The man who raised her is not happy about this, especially when he catches Eric taking her innocence. For revenge, he and Eric gang up on her to remind her who’s in control.



Ganging Snow White

Snow is learning about business from the woman who raised her, Gina, because she’s not sure what to do with her future. Gina inherited the company from her late husband, and she is determined to teach Snow how to conduct business.

Gina invites another CEO, Hunter, to dinner one night, and she wants him to roughly take her little brat’s innocence while she watches. Snow finds herself ganged up on but there is a reward attached to her compliance.