Men In Power Series

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Taken By Her Coworker

“Let go of me!” she demanded, and then his lips descended on hers. She tried to pull away, but he trapped her in his embrace. Her body came alive with desire at the rough treatment, and Lori couldn’t deny that she didn’t occasionally fantasize about fooling around him with at work. He was very handsome after all.”

Lori has worked hard at a publishing company for years, and now she’s a prime candidate for the chief editor position. Her handsome and married coworker, Eric, is a privileged but powerful man who also wants the promotion.

One night as they work on their proposals for the position, tempers flare and Eric decides to roughly take her innocence with no protection. He thinks he will hurt her chances of promotion, but Lori’s not going down without a fight.

Ravished By Her Boss

“Her panties were the last thing to go, and surprisingly they were a little damp. Ashley hoped Richard didn’t notice, but of course he did.

“See, your body wants this to. I’m going to show you pleasure that will ruin you for other men.””

Ashley gets a rare opportunity to intern for a CEO, and of course she can’t refuse. Then she realizes that her hard work isn’t the only reason why she was picked.

The charming CEO, Richard, wants to roughly take her innocence in addition to having her work for him. Ashley is reluctant, but she knows Richard is not a man to be denied.


Claimed By Her Professor

“She cradled his head in her hands as she kissed him back, and he nudged her backwards until her thighs hit the edge of his desk. He was still fully clothed, but the friction of the cloth against her naked skin felt glorious.”

When Emily goes to her professor’s office hours, she witnesses him in the throes of passion with another student. He agrees to write her a letter of recommendation in exchange for her silence, but he needs something else from her to ensure that she won’t talk.

He roughly takes her innocence, and Emily finds that being reluctant stimulates all kinds of wants and desires that she thought she locked away in her mind.