The Lesbian Billionaire Series

Losing My Innocence

Before I meet her, I don’t even know I like women. When she approaches me at my boss’s party, I have no idea what she has in store for me. She seems friendly and harmless, but then she coaxes me into my boss’s office for the time of my life.

It’s not just my first time with a woman…it’s my first time ever. What did I get myself into?




Strapping It On

She always takes control and never lets me reciprocate. Then she introduces me to a new toy that changes my world. It’s all bliss until an uncomfortable topic arises, and insecurities make themselves known.

Can we work it out or is our arrangement only about pleasure?





Taking Them Both

Alice has been wary of John since she and I got together, which is why her proposition takes me by surprise. I spent so long convincing them both that he was just a friend, until this one night when Alice invites him over for drinks.

At Alice’s urging, he becomes this dominant and rough man that leaves me with a pleasurable surprise. Is this just an experiment or possibly something more?



Dominating My Lover

They say it only takes one time, and they’re right. It only took that one night with John and Alice for a new life to grow within me. Everything has changed for me, and I feel so lost.

I need something to help me regain control of my life, and Alice is there to remind me that she will always be there for me.




Loving Them Both

There’s a ring on my finger and a baby on the way, but everything still seems scary and off. Navigating through all of this would be impossible without Alice, the love of my life.

My life is changing so much so quickly, and I don’t what to do. Do I have what it takes to forgive and move forward, or will I be stuck forever?