New To Things Series

This Is New For Me

Book 1 of 3

Ariella was a good friend of mine who also happened to be the world’s worst designated driver. One night we were out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and I ended up having to drive her home because she was drunk.

She felt bad, so she offered to let me spend the night at her place and then drive me home in the morning. I couldn’t tell her the reason I didn’t want to sleep at her place was because I was attracted to her, so I agreed to spend the night.

I knew it was going to be hard to share a bed with her, but I didn’t expect her to ask me what it was like to kiss a woman. I also didn’t expect her to ask me to kiss her.

My mind knows that protecting our friendship is the most important thing, but my heart yearns to kiss and touch her and show her things that neither one of us had experienced before.

This Is New For You

Book 2 of 3

A week ago, I slept with my straight friend, Ariella, and it left me confused and fearful that our friendship was ruined.

But after we talked things over, she was interested in doing it again, and I couldn’t deny her.

Especially not after she agreed to indulge in one of my fantasies.


This Is New For Us

Book 3 of 3

My arrangement with Ariella was simple and uncomplicated. At least until I suspected that she might want more.

Dating and relationships weren’t that appealing to me, but I didn’t want to hurt her.

I hope we can find some middle ground before someone gets hurt.