List of Standalone Stories (Newest to Oldest)

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Her Christmas Present

Aliya’s tired of waiting for that perfect someone to settle down with, so she decides to go it alone and try insemination. Days before her appointment, Troy, shows up on Christmas Eve with his dazzling smile and kind eyes.

He’s off-limits to Aliya, and but she can’t get her mind off how attractive and supportive he is. Wanting him is so wrong, but maybe it’s time for her to live a little before settling down.



Meeting the Steps

While I hate the woman who gave birth to me, I certainly couldn’t hate her future husband or his one male offspring. When I get the call that they want to meet me before the wedding, I can’t refuse them.

They’re handsome, rich, and they know how to get a woman worked up. I get to know them pretty well, especially since they both want to take me hard and without protection.

It’s taboo but delicious fun that comes with some surprising benefits.

This 15,000 word story is hot, full of action, and has a HEA.


Seduced by the Man of the House

After graduating from college with no job prospects, I have to move back home. Fortunately, home is now a mansion with Richard, the soon-to-be man of the house. He’s handsome, rich, a total sweetheart, and he understands me more than anyone else. My inexperienced heart is tempted to give in to his desire to take me with no protection. With the house to ourselves, will we cross the line or keep things platonic?





Punishing the Brat Cover

Punishing the Brat


I’m so tired of the endless complaints about my brat, Maya, giving it up to every guy she meets, and so is my wife. We wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but then we walk in on her with a stranger, and all hope is lost.

My wife and I decide it’s time for Maya to deal with the consequences of her actions. If she’s going to be with some random guy in our house, then she’s going to suffer through the punishment.

My wife forces the two to continue, and then she brings in the man we raised to join in on the fun. Maya is taken roughly by all of us, and the best part is that there’s no protection involved. She’s going to learn the hard way that she can’t just do whatever she wants.

Our Taboo Anniversary


I can’t decide on what to get my husband, Troy, for our upcoming anniversary, and it’s driving me crazy. We have everything we want, and I want this gift to be extra special to celebrate our five years of marriage.

After some searching, I think I want a ménage with my husband and another woman, but I can’t find someone eligible. Then I get a friend request from the gorgeous Alyssa, the brat that I would have grown up with if another marriage had happened sooner.

She’s young, flirty, and willing to have my husband and I take her innocence. The fact that it’s taboomakes it even hotter for me.

An Unconventional Wedding Night

Jake is worried that his upcoming wedding night won’t go well since he and his wife, Lily, are inexperienced. After some research, he decides that his black best friend, Damien, should take his innocent white wife for the first time.

After some hesitation, Damien agrees, and the two men plan for the most memorable night in their lives. On the wedding night, they inform Lily of their plans, and it takes some coaxing for her to go along with it.

What starts out as a simple ménage turns into something more, and all three are forced to confront their feelings that this one night might not be enough.


Quite the Release Cover

Quite the Release

Rina is trying to sleep one night, when she hears her roommate, Heather, getting it on with her boyfriend in their shared room. She’s angry and frustrated that they’re being so inconsiderate, so she takes her matters into her own hand to get back at them.

The next morning, the boyfriend, Kevin, catches Rina in the shower and gives her what she’s been asking for. She’s not innocent and loves that he takes her roughly.

When Heather arrives, Rina is thrust into a ménage where all parties involved are left extremely satisfied after some punishment is had after breaking the rules.


A Guest in Their Bed

Tiffany is young and innocent when she meets the woman of her dreams at a gay bar. Then the woman, Lisa, introduces Tiffany to her husband, Carver, who’s fine with the whole arrangement.

Against her instincts, she goes home with them on the condition that Carver can only watch. But in the heat of the moment, lines blur, and Tiffany starts wanting something she never expected. There were rules, and she was a guest, but pleasure has a way of changing the minds of those involved.

What happens when a party of two suddenly involves another? In any combination, it should make for a delightful and enjoyable encounter for the questioning Tiffany, and a twist in the end that no one could expect.

A Helping Hand

Katie is ecstatic that her boyfriend, Joshua, wants to have his first time with her. But his cluelessness and missteps make her confidence in him waver, and the man that raised that raised him, Mr. Darcy, steps in to guide them through the process.

This older man does more than advise, and with his hands-on approach Katie finds herself wanting to be claimed by this alpha male rather than by her inexperienced boyfriend.

Will she remain true to Joshua? Or will she let Mr. Darcy satisfy her like her boyfriend never could?


Our Forbidden Love

I’m in love with the man I grew up with. I know it’s taboo, but I can’t help myself.

His toned body and alluring eyes excite my barely legal and innocent body, and his voice fills me with desire.

When we’re left home alone for the summer, I try to avoid him, but he’s not having it.

He’s determined to spend time with me, and I don’t think I can keep myself away any longer.

His actions make me suspect that he feels the same way, but it’s foolish for me to have hope.

There are plenty of available women for him, and I don’t stand a chance.

But will happen when he catches me in a vulnerable moment and all is revealed?

Best Kind of Education Book Cover JPEG

The Best Kind of Education

“Oh sweetie, is this what you wanted to talk about?” she said in the gentlest tone I’d ever heard her use.

I nodded and took my phone back. “I don’t know what to do,” I admitted.

Her eyes softened, and she touched my arm comfortingly.

“You don’t have to say ‘yes’. It’s your right to say ‘no’.”

“No, that’s not it. I don’t know what to do,” I reiterated. Mrs. Ryder nodded, finally understanding what I meant.

My boyfriend and I wanted to have our first time together, but I was too scared that my inexperience would ruin it. So I went to my best friend’s mom for advice.

Little did I know that she would tell me everything that I needed to know and then some.


My BFF and Her Dad

I made the mistake of thinking a guy my age would make sex fun and interesting. My boyfriend’s great, but he is horrible in the sack.

My friend, Mary, however, shows me how pleasurable it all can be. Neither one of us has been with a girl before, so it’s completely new to me.

Then her dad overhears us and becomes convinced that he can show me how amazing sex with a real man can be.


Unexpected Revenge

Candace is reeling from her breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend. He leaves her stuff over at his parent’s house, and when she goes to pick it up, his parents have a surprise for her.

They’ve always considered the innocent little Candace as a part of their family, and now they want to make it official by taking her hard and without protection.

Contains F/F/M scenes.



Innocence Lost

While Corina still wasn’t sure how straight she was anymore, she did know that she wanted this. Why? She didn’t know that, but the way Davy had been looking at her all night, like she was something to be worshiped and cherished, turned her on more than anything.

While nursing a broken heart, Corina is forced to accompany her friend to a lesbian bar.

Corina is sure that she’s not attracted to women. But after a few compliments from a butch lesbian, Davy, Corina is suddenly eager to indulge in the act that her ex-boyfriend always denied her.

She’s ready for her first time, even if it’s not with someone she loves. Lust is enough, right?

Contains F/F scenes.