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A New Experience

Synopsis:  Two friends, Sydney and Heather, discover passion with each other. Neither one of them has really been interested in men, and they’re about to discover why.

Kinks:  Virgin


It started with innocent touches. Holding hands, legs pressing against each other, and bumping shoulders while they lay on the bed and talked.


Everything changed when Heather’s parents went out of town for a week.   The two eighteen-year-olds had the house to themselves.  Rather than throwing a party like a lot of kids their age, they talked of their plans to attend the same college and be roommates. They munched on pizza while diagramming the layout and brainstorming the rules of the room.  Inevitably, the subject turned to dating.


“Do we need to come up with a sexile rule or something? Like, if you bring home some hot guy, are you going to leave a sock on the door to let me know to stay away?” Sydney asked, trying not to sound too disturbed by the idea of her best friend hooking up with a random guy.


“Please, like I would ever do that to you. We don’t need a rule. It’s not like I’m going to get any, other than the occasional battery drain of my best vibrator. I’ve never even had a boyfriend,” Heather replied, toying with a strand of her blonde hair. “Do you think you’d need one?”


Sydney shook her head, trying to clear her head of the images of Heather using her favorite toy. A good portion of Heather’s paycheck had gone into buying that thing, the results apparently worth it. She remembered when Heather showed it to her the day it arrived in the mail, pink and slim with a curved tip for hitting that elusive spot. Sydney definitely didn’t have dreams of Heather using it on herself.


“Is it that hard of a question?” Heather joked. “Do you already have some poor hapless guy lined up for the honor?”


“No, not at all. It’s not something I plan on doing.” It was the truth. Sydney would rather spend her time hanging out with Heather than bumping uglies with some gross college boy.


“Really? Why not?” Heather asked, moving to lie on her back.


“Not interested,” Sydney replied curtly, crossing her arms over her small chest. She shouldn’t have to explain herself; then again, Heather was her best friend and was just being curious. It wasn’t like Sydney was being interrogated, but with Heather’s blue eyes inspecting her body, it felt like it. That’s what those flutters in her stomach meant, right?


“Me either. I wonder why. It’s not like we’re not attracted to men, right?” Heather giggled, stopping abruptly after a few seconds. “Oh.”


Silence descended as realization dawned.


“Oh” was right.


Sydney’s heart skipped a beat as she replayed every interaction she’d had with a boy over her life. None had held her interest, but Heather…Heather was a different story. Heather was the one who always made her smile. The one who always complimented Sydney on her looks and mind with the utmost sincerity. The only person to ever make her feel wanted and cherished…and if she was honest with herself, desired.


Heather turned to gaze at her. Sydney took longer to gather her courage and look at her friend. This was new territory for her, terrifying with the potential for a big payoff if only she had the will to look her friend in the eye. Either way, there was no going back. She wasn’t sure she even wanted to.


When Heather’s hand fell on her cheek, Sydney decided to go all in.  She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Heather’s.  It was sweet and soft, ending all too soon. Kissing a girl for the first time was better than she’d ever dreamed of, like a hidden fantasy coming to life. A whimper escaped her lips as she resisted the urge to beg for more.


She didn’t have to wait long before Heather crashed their mouths together, her tongue seeking entrance. Sydney’s heart stammered in her chest as she realized this was really happening. Nothing had ever felt so right until kissing Heather. She wanted to touch more, feel more, anything to sustain this moment of elation.  


Their tongues danced and played while their hands roamed over each other’s clothed bodies. She loved Heather’s curves. While Sydney herself was on the skinnier side, she delighted in the soft cushiony feel of her friend’s body. It made her want to kiss every inch of her, preferably with Heather’s hands fisted through her brown hair to signal to her which areas she liked to have kissed.


Heather’s apple shampoo filled her nose, making Sydney wonder if she tasted like apples too. The cherry chapstick remnants on her lips told her otherwise, but then her mind considered what other parts of Heather tasted like. Gods, she hoped she’d find out soon.


Pulling off her shirt and taking off her bra, Heather straddled Sydney’s waist.  Heather’s large breasts hung down, tempting Sydney further. Her mouth watered while looking at them.


“Can I?” she asked, voice breathless and husky.


Heather’s tone matched hers when she said, “Yeah.”


Sydney sat up, taking a pink nipple into her mouth and sucking gently. It hardened against her tongue, helping Sydney to better lick and flick it with her tongue. The slightly salty taste of Heather’s skin made her groan, reminding her this wasn’t a dream.  Heather’s moans bounced off the walls, fueling the heated passion between them.


A hand slid into Sydney’s short brown hair, cradling her head as she licked and sucked Heather’s nipples. Sydney could stay there for ages if Heather would let her. She loved the hard and slightly bumpy texture of the nipple against her tongue, like a more fun and intimate version of flicking a doorstop with her fingers.  There was a tug against her scalp, so she moved her mouth away. Catching Heather’s eyes, she saw matching desire.  


“Clothes off.”  The command in Heather’s tone was unmistakable.


This was an order Sydney was happy to obey.  She rid herself of her shirt and bra, only to be pushed back onto the bed by Heather.


With the other girl’s help, her pants and underwear came off in seconds. Then Heather’s soft lips were on hers again, making Sydney question her whole existence. As Heather’s tongue stroked hers, Sydney wondered how had she gone this long without kissing Heather.


Their chests rubbed against each other, sending little sparks of pleasure straight to Sydney’s core.  Without warning, Heather tore her lips away and started kissing her way down Sydney’s body.


Sydney panted when Heather’s mouth reached her nipples. Wet, warm…those were the only things that came to mind while her body rejoiced at the delectable pleasure Heather was giving her. The little buds that had only served to tell everyone she was cold or remind her of her upcoming period were now the source of the bliss washing over her body. She no longer hated the little fuckers. The warm tongue only stayed for a few minutes before moving lower.  And lower. Sydney’s thighs parted to make room for Heather’s head, and she sat up a little to watch her.


Heather kissed the little patch of curls above Sydney’s center, taking her breath away.  She looked directly into Sydney’s eyes when she parted her folds and licked her from top to bottom.


Sydney jerked, the sensation the most exquisite thing she’d ever felt. Like a sharp stabbing pleasure that caught her off-guard, then eased into a gentle caress of ecstasy.  


“More!” she demanded.


Heather complied. Lips closed over Sydney’s clit and sucked, drawing more moans from her.


She grew even more damp from arousal, watching her best friend go down on her without the slightest hesitation. Fantasies that had been buried in the dark corners of her brain came to life, helping her realize how long she’d wanted this. As Sydney wondered what it would be like to taste Heather, blood rushed to her head from the stimulation, making her reach out for Heather.


Heather’s fingers tangled with hers as the other girl didn’t let up on licking Sydney’s center.  Higher and higher.  Closer and closer. The slurps from her tongue drove Sydney toward the precipice, swarming her mind and body with dizzying pleasure.


Sydney cried out when a finger slid inside her, unexpected but certainly welcome.


The finger instantly withdrew.  “Syd?” Concern filled the single syllable.


“I’m okay. I liked that.” She really liked it.


A hint of a satisfied smile spread across Heather’s lips.  “So you want me to do it again?” Her voice still held a sprinkle of hesitation.


“I want everything you’re willing to give me.” Including more of that please!


Heather reinserted her finger, this time crooking it slightly to hit a spot just inside Sydney’s core.  Her hips rose to match the pace of the tongue on her clit and the finger deeply embedded in her.  Her legs trembled from the ecstasy.  She was close.  So close. She just needed a little push. Heather’s eyes met hers.  Eyes filled with a mix of love and desire.  For her.  All for her.  The thought sent  her careening over the edge.


Euphoria consumed every inch of her body.  Soaring. Flying. Floating. She keened with pleasure until her throat became hoarse from crying out Heather’s name.  Waves of ecstasy assaulted her innocent body as she thrashed on the bed.  She didn’t know how Heather did it, but she somehow licked her all throughout her first powerful orgasm.


Eventually she drifted back to earth.  “Come here,” she said, her tone halfway between a groan and a plea.


Heather ceased her ministrations, climbing up the bed to and spooning Sydney.  “Did you like that?”


“I loved it.” Turning in Heather’s arms, Sydney kissed her passionately, trying to taste herself on Heather’s lips.  With renewed energy, she was desperate to make her best friend see stars like she had.


After unzipping and unbuttoning Heather’s jeans, Sydney slid her hand inside Heather’s underwear, feeling her warm center.  She was more than wet, making Sydney moan when her fingers came in contact with Heather’s hot flesh.


She found the little nub that made Heather gasp and rubbed it slowly to draw out the pleasure. Heather buried her face in Sydney’s neck.


“Oh god, Syd!” Heather moaned, her breath caressing Sydney’s skin.


“Feels good?”




Sydney’s arm ached from the cramped position; she removed her fingers to take off the rest of Heather’s clothes, stripping her slowly, holding her eyes as she did. Her gaze swept over Heather’s naked body, every beautiful inch making her wish she had an eternity to worship it. Hands gliding up soft thighs, Sydney was torn between touching or looking. Heather was completely bare between her legs, a sight which had Sydney licking her lips.  


Drawn back to Heather’s magnificent breasts, Sydney got a few licks and touches in before Heather lightly tugged her hair.


“As much I love it when you do that, I’m ready for more. I want you,” Heather said, taking Sydney’s hand and guiding it to her center, “here.”


With a nod, Sydney situated herself between Heather’s thighs and started lapping at her clit.  The sweet heady taste on her tongue drove her eagerness to the point where she thought she could make Heather climax in seconds. It took more than a minute, so she snuck a look at Heather’s face to see the girl biting on her lower lip and fisting the sheets as if to draw out the pleasure. Sydney’s ensuing chuckles produced vibrations against Heather’s flesh, making her wonderful moans greet Sydney’s ears. Heather might have stalled the inevitable, but Sydney wasn’t giving up. Her tongue moved faster, swirling and stabbing and drawing pictures on Heather’s clit. Sydney couldn’t stop, drunk on the taste of her best friend.


Sliding a finger into Heather’s warmth, she plunged in and out, adding another finger with each cry of “More!” from her friend.  She filled Heather and thrust her fingers deep.  The ensuing moans and whimpers distracted her from  her tiring hand.  She wanted to see Heather come.


Heather was almost there, but Sydney wanted it to be spectacular.  Remembering an earlier conversation about Heather’s favorite toy, she withdrew her fingers from Heather to fetch it.


A few seconds later she had her prize: a cleaned and lubed vibrator.


“Yes,” Heather sighed, spreading her plump thighs wider.  


Sydney positioned it between her best friend’s legs.  With some effort, she pushed it into Heather’s wet sheath until it was buried as deep as it could go.


Her body thrumming with anticipation, Sydney returned to lapping Heather’s clit, switching on the vibrator.  


Heather’s hips came off the bed.  “Oh God!”


Sydney smirked, not able to help the surge of pride that followed. She wanted more reactions like that from Heather, and damn it, she was going to earn every single one of them.  Keeping a grip on the vibrator, she knelt down on Heather’s stomach to change the angle. She fucked her deep and hard with the toy as her tongue swirled over Heather’s throbbing nub.


Heather came hard, soaking the sheets and Sydney’s face. Sydney licked up what she could, loving the taste of her friend. She was damn proud of herself for making Heather come like that. Sydney was contemplating give her another orgasm but when Heather’s body started twitching, Sydney ended her torment and pulled the vibrator out.


As Heather recovered, Sydney held her. Her lips found Heather’s. While they kissed, soft little pecks that relaxed them almost to the point of falling asleep, Sydney thought college couldn’t come soon enough.


“Wow, that was…holy shit, the words needed to describe how wonderful that was probably don’t exist yet,” Heather said with a chuckle when they took a break from kissing.


Sydney couldn’t help the smile blooming onto her face. “Yeah, it was spectacular. I never even realized…” She trailed off, thinking of how this all started in the first place.


“Yeah, me too,” Heather said, then kissed her softly.


Intertwining their fingers, Sydney nuzzled Heather’s cheek. “I think this means that we need to make sure our parents don’t have a spare key to our dorm room.” She squeezed Heather’s hand.


“Good idea. We also need to make sure that we get a room just for the two of us. I don’t want to sneak into your bunk in the middle of the night while hoping that our other two roommates don’t hear us.”


“It’d also be easier for us to figure out what exactly this is without the added pressure of being walked in on,” Sydney suggested, chewing on the inside of her cheek.


Heather smiled warmly. “I’d like that too. We could even have a few date nights.”


“We could have that now.” Sydney waited for Heather’s reaction, terrified of even a hint of rejection.


“I’m glad you said it first. There was no way in hell I was waiting until our first semester to go on a date with you,” Heather confessed.


Bursting with elation, Sydney grinned and hugged Heather tighter. As scary as this new journey was, she was happy to have her best friend with her through it all. Wasn’t that how the best of relationships started?



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