Claiming the Coed Series

Claiming The Coed 1

Previously Titled: Taken on Her Professor’s Desk

After pulling an all-nighter at the library, innocent coed Olivia runs into her alluring and charming professor, Liam.  He wants to return her latest assignment, so she thinks nothing of following him up to his office.

But when she learns the attraction is mutual, how will she react to his desire to take her hard for the first time?  The university has strict rules against fraternization, and they could both get in trouble.

Ends on a minor cliffhanger.

Claiming The Coed 2

Previously Titled: Taken Again by Him and then by Her

After finding out Liam’s secret, Olivia is furious, but it doesn’t stop her hunger for him.  The intensity of her desires only ramp up her guilt, especially with a new player in the picture.  Will she be forced into more gratifying new experiences than she can handle or will she welcome them with open arms?

Claiming The Coed 3

Previously Titled: Taken and Bound on Their Bed

All Olivia wants to do is enjoy her winter break, but when she runs into Liam and Rory, she’s presented with another choice.  She’s been avoiding them, but they make it clear that they will not be ignored.  Olivia finds herself torn between her desire for them and the forbidden nature of their encounters.  Will she join them in their bedroom or will she spend the rest of her break alone?