“Get To Know Dana Kenzi” Week: Day 5: How I Introvert as an Author

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have depression and ADHD, so a lot of times I don’t feel like socializing in my free time. I also get sick with the cold or flu a lot since my day job has me interacting with the public, so I’m at home a lot. However, I still have social and nutritional needs while I’m off being an introvert.


I’ll start off with the nutritional needs and what not. Instacart and Postmates are my important lifelines on the days or weekends when I’m mostly focusing on my writing. I can have groceries and meals delivered if I don’t feel like cooking or driving to the store. It’s not cheap, though, but sometimes the benefits for me outweigh the costs. For a healthier option, there’s Freshly. They’re not cheap either, but they have a $20 discount for first time subscribers. I used it once and bought six meals, and I liked five of them. If they were cheaper and had more options, I would subscribe on a regular basis.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I’m not giving out any discount links or anything because that’d be too much work.


For social needs, I’m on Discord. Awhile ago, an author I met on social media invited me to join her Discord server. She and her friends are awesome, and I’m glad to have met them. I also have a personal Tumblr where I chat with a few people. Not as much lately since I focus mostly on business stuff and rarely go on Tumblr for pleasure anymore, but for awhile it was a big thing for me. I also have my friends on FB who I keep in touch with. Since my grandfather passed a few weeks ago, people have been checking in with me.


For entertainment needs, I have YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. I love watching Let’s Players because they’re usually funny and video games have a lot of great stories. I also like review and react channels, and of course I watch some of the OG YouTubers who turned their channel into their brand. Sometimes everyone goes on break right around the same time or post content I’m not interested in. In those moments, I remember that there are business things I could be doing instead of surfing the web.


Also, make sure to stock up on plenty of bottled water. Keep the bottles for recycling and eventually turn them in for money. Hydration is very important when being an introvert and author.


I also recommend snacks because sometimes I forget to eat. Food converts into energy which is needed to write.


By implementing these methods, I manage to successfully introvert on my days off.