Book Review: Houseguests 3: Taboo For Everyone by Cheri Verset

Welcome to my third book review!  I will be reviewing Houseguests 3: Taboo For Everyone by Cheri Verset, and this is the last book in the Houseguests Series.  I think this was the book that opened my eyes to all the various pairings and groupings you could have within a pseudo-incest story.  You have to be very crafty and maybe plot some family trees to make sure you don’t cross the line, but Cheri Verset is a natural at this.  It really shows in her writing.  Now onto the review!

Warning: Story contains pseudo-incest (PI).

Houseguests 3: Taboo For Everyone

Houseguests 3: Taboo for Everyone by [Verset, Cheri]

The story picks up right after the second one with Willis and Blair nearly walking in on Dana and Rudy.  Dana suspects her brother and daughter went out to fool around, and Willis suspects that Dana and Rudy fooled around.  Dana sends Blair and Rudy to bed, and Willis cautiously approaches her about what happens.  She admits to taking his son’s virginity, and he’s not mad.  He has her tell him about it, and then it gets too much for her.  She asks him for some time to herself, and he gives it to her.

Dana deals with self-doubt over sleeping with her family members, but she realizes that she doesn’t really regret it.  She loves them all, and their trysts were amazing.  Then she overhears Blair and Rudy arguing.  Blair is smart and knows that something happened between her mom and Rudy, and Rudy confesses to it.  Then Blair tells him that she lost her virginity to his father, and they get turned on and fool around while Dana peeps on them.

Willis comes up behind Dana and starts touching her while they watch their kids fool around.  Rudy wants to fuck Blair, but Blair is still sore from losing her virginity (I was hoping they would still fuck, but it wouldn’t have been fun for her.)  Blair comes up with an alternative by having them rub their privates together, and Willis is fingering Dana and Dana is jacking him off while they watch this happen.  All four of them come and head back to their rooms.  That scene was pretty fucking hot.  I always like some voyeurism in the stories I read.

The next day, Dana does the right thing and has them all discuss everything that happened.  I like that Cheri included this because it reminds me of one of the main staples of polyamory, informed consent and disclosure is a must.  They get everything out in the open, and Dana suggests that they all have sex together.  Blair and Dana start blowing Willis and Rudy while fingering themselves, and then the men want to return the favor.  They take turns eating the women out, and then they move things upstairs.  I found the part where Dana and Blair had to instruct Rudy on cunnilingus really adorable.

Dana and Blair go back to blowing Willis and Rudy, and Rudy comes in Blair’s mouth.  Willis pulls away before he comes and fucks Blair doggy-style.  Dana licks Blair’s clit until she comes while being fucking by her uncle.  Then it turns into a fuck fest with Rudy and Willis fucking Dana and Blair.  It wraps up nicely with Dana asking Willis to fuck her ass.  While he’s inside her ass, Dana has Rudy fuck her pussy.  She loves feeling both of them inside her, and they like the sensation too.  Dana goes down on Blair during all of this.  Blair, Dana, and Rudy all come around the same time, and Dana has Rudy shoot his load into her mouth.  The story ends with them planning on making this a regular occurrence.

Review:  4/5 stars

Cheri certainly has a way with words, and this story is no different.  The sex scenes were easy to follow, and there was never a moment I got confused on who was doing what.  It was easy to picture in my mind, which is not easy when reading group sex scenes.  I loved the intimacy and openness between the family members, and the hesitation around the taboo nature of it all.  It felt more real that way.

It did not turn me on as much as the second book did, but you could tell this book was more about the emotional side of things.  It’s a great end to a great series, and as always I applaud Cheri’s talents!

I would recommend this story for people interested in sweet and loving taboo stories.  Cheri Verset is a queen when it comes pseudo-incest, and I suggest you check out her other stories as well.  At some point I need to make a list of all the ones I highly recommend.

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