New Book: The Best Kind of Education

Hello my lovelies!  I am officially back and here with a new story for you!  It’s full of woman loving woman goodness with just enough roughness to really ignite that spark within you 😉

The Best Kind of Education

Best Kind of Education Book Cover JPEG

“Oh sweetie, is this what you wanted to talk about?” she said in the gentlest tone I’d ever heard her use.

I nodded and took my phone back.  “I don’t know what to do,” I admitted.

Her eyes softened, and she touched my arm comfortingly.

“You don’t have to say ‘yes’.  It’s your right to say ‘no’.”

“No, that’s not it.  I don’t know what to do,” I reiterated.  Mrs. Ryder nodded, finally understanding what I meant.

My boyfriend and I wanted to have our first time together, but I was too scared that my inexperience would ruin it.  So I went to my best friend’s mom for advice.

Little did I know that she would tell me everything that I needed to know and then some.


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