Even Erotica Writers Need Social Support

Because of the adult nature of erotica, a lot of erotica authors have a penname and usually keep their real identity private.

At first, I was terrified to tell anyone but a friend I made on Tumblr, but I eventually opened up to two more friends, and it’s wonderful that I get to discuss my erotica writing business with them.

Of course, I refuse to tell them my penname because I really don’t want them knowing about all the filthy ideas my imagination comes up with, but still it’s nice to randomly tell my best friend about me using porn to either get in the writing mood or for inspiration.  She doesn’t judge, and she’s actually curious about the stuff I write.

It’s good to have that little bit of support when you’re running a business, and it’s good to have someone you can be honest with about the nature of your business.  My family and friends know I publish short stories, but that’s all they know.  They don’t know what kind of short stories I publish, and honestly, they don’t need to know.

So if you’re an erotica author like me, find someone you can be honest with about your writing.  It can be online or in person, and it’s great either way.  It also helps keep you sane when you have an exhausting full-time job (which I love with all my heart) in addition to running a business part-time.

Hopefully, erotica authors can have their own conventions that are more wide-spread or not under the romance umbrella, but until then, the internet will have to do.

Much love to all of you out there <3

Dana Kenzi


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