Taking Ella: Book 1 of Modern Erotic Fairy Tales is FREE from today until Friday, February 23!

Have you ever wanted to read a naughty modern version of Cinderella? Well, so did I, and that’s why I wrote the Modern Erotic Fairy Tales series.

Come read Ella’s story in this raunchy, dirty, and forceful story! It was a true joy to write!

Taking Ella


In a modern universe where fairytale princesses are normal innocent young women with an alpha maleor man of the house in their lives, comes a series of tales about discovering passion and love in unexpected places.

Ella is forbidden to go to grad night because of the strict and overbearing man of the house. She’s stuck at home while her friends and the girls she grew up with get to have fun, and she finds the alpha maledrinking due to his impending loneliness.

She learns the true reasons behind his unfair treatment and discovers that he wants to roughly take her innocence without protection. Ella has plans for college, but can a taboo encounter give her enough reason to stay? Or does she want something more from the man who wants to ravish her?

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