Need some lesbian erotic romance in your life?

Well, look no further than my New To Things Series, where a lesbian, Diana, falls in lust with her curious friend, Ariella.  What starts off as a simple bed-sharing sleepover of a trope turns into something hot and heavy for these two young women.

It all begins when designated driver, Ariella, gets drunk, so Diana drives her home and spends the night because she’s tired.

They have to share Ariella’s bed, and neither are able to sleep.  Diana is too busy trying not to think about her attractive friend in a sexual way, and Ariella is too curious about Diana’s lady-loving-lady lifestyle.

Diana puts up with Ariella’s incessant questions until Ariella wonders what it’s like to kiss another woman.  It starts off as an answer and builds to something more.

Will Diana let passion sweep her away and lose her virginity to her straight friend?  Or will she resist giving in to the thing she wants most?

The answer is…in the entire series!  I can’t write about the other two without giving away spoilers, so you’ll just have to check them out to see for yourself 😉

Each short story is $2.99, or you can get the New To Things Series Bundle for $3.99!

Book 1:  This Is New For Me


Book 2:  This Is New For You


Book 3:  This Is New For Us


I bet you didn’t know that I had some sweet lesbian erotic romance in my repertoire…or maybe you did if you’ve read my writing for long enough.  Anyway…

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Much love, Dana Kenzi

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