Ever wondered how a modern erotic version of a classic fairytale would go?

Look no further than my Modern Erotic Fairytales Series!

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In Taking Ella, Ella is a barely legal virgin with a wicked stepfather who wants to take her young and innocent body.  His desire for her reveals some hidden truths that make Ella feel conflicted, confused, and worst of all, aroused.  Will she give the man who made her life hell a second chance and maybe find a happy future for the both of them?

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In Ravishing Belle, Belle is tasked with helping the neighborhood recluse who is also her father’s childhood friend.  Belle helps him with getting his house in order, and working with him helps her avoid her crazy ex-boyfriend.  Belle finds herself attracted to this older man, and it’s not long before he desires her young virgin body.  Will she let this burly man take her body to places it’s never experienced and maybe discover some deeper feelings along the way?

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In Seducing Aurora, Aurora comes back from boarding school as a barely legal innocent woman reuniting with her stepfather.   Time has distanced them, and Aurora is overwhelmed by her attraction for the man who sent her away.  It seems as if the attraction is not one sided since her stepfather makes his move when he thinks she’s asleep.  Will Aurora pretend to slumber while her body is driven to pleasurable heights, or will she reveal that she not only is aware but wants what he’s doing to her?

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In Claiming Ariel, Ariel and her sisters were adopted by her mother’s CEO boss and raised by him.  He hires a swim and school coach for Ariel to improve her skills and studies.  Ariel quickly falls for her tutor, and her adopted father catches the man taking her innocence.  His punishment for her is to join in on the fun and make her writhe between two males bodies.  Will she yield to her body’s desires or put on a show to ruin her adopted father’s fun?

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In Ganging Snow White, Snow has a strict stepmother who dictates even her private hygiene.  Shaved and dressed up for her stepmother’s CEO dinner guest, Snow learns the true nature of his visit that night.  Her stepmother has arranged for the CEO to take Snow’s virginity in exchange for a business venture.  Snow knows better than to argue with her stepmother and is even surprised when her stepmother joins them in the act.  Can Snow make it through the night solely on her stepmother’s wishes, or will she be so aroused that she’ll take anything?

The Modern Erotic Fairytales Series features the modern counterparts of fairytale princesses, and their equally taboo and erotic lives.  Read about five barely legal virgin women who have their innocence taken with no protection by the alpha men in their lives.

These stories make for a steamy and creamy read, and you can find them all on the Kindle Store for $2.99 each, in the Modern Erotic Fairytales Bundle for $5.99, or for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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