Two Erotica Shorts

I now have two erotica short stories for sale on Amazon.  Check them out:

Coed Book 1 Cover and Subtitle JPEG.jpg

Taken on Her Professor’s Desk: (Coed’s First Time Part 1)

Summary:  Olivia, an innocent senior in university, had just finished an all-nighter on campus and was ready to go home. But then she spots her extremely attractive professor, Liam, who invites her up to his office. She’s nervous to be in such closed quarters with him, but it proves to be the best decision of her life.

Their forbidden desire leads to an outcome she dared only fantasize about. She’s inexperienced and hesitant, but he’s more than willing and eager to show her how it’s done.

Price: $2.99

Coed Book 2 Cover JPEG

Taken Again by Him and Then by Her (Coed’s First Time Part 2)

Summary:  Second book in the “Coed’s First Time” series.

Olivia is furious to learn that Liam is engaged, but the passion between them is so great that she surrenders to him again. Then the guilt resurfaces, and she avoids him for weeks.

His fiancée, Rory, finds her secluded in a library and explains the nature of her relationship with Liam. Olivia is stubborn, but Rory coaxes her way between Olivia’s legs and shows her how good it can be between two women.

Olivia is constantly conflicted by her feelings, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring them.

Contains M/F and F/F scenes.

Price:  $2.99