Short Lesbian Erotica for only $0.99

Innocence Lost: First Time with a Woman

Innocence Lost Cover JPEG

While Corina still wasn’t sure how straight she was anymore, she did know that she wanted this. Why? She didn’t know that, but the way Davy had been looking at her all night, like she was something to be worshiped and cherished, turned her on more than anything.

While nursing a broken heart, Corina is forced to accompany her friend to a lesbian bar.

Corina is sure that she’s not attracted to women. But after a few compliments from a butch lesbian, Davy, Corina is suddenly eager to indulge in the act that her ex-boyfriend always denied her.

She’s ready for her first time, even if it’s not with someone she loves. Lust is enough, right?

Contains F/F scenes.

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