A Steamy Christmas Story and a Bundle :)

Oomph, it’s been awhile since I published a new story, but not anymore! I have a naughty Christmas story for you 😉

Her Christmas Present

Aliya’s tired of waiting for that perfect someone to settle down with, so she decides to go it alone and try insemination. Days before her appointment, Troy, shows up on Christmas Eve with his dazzling smile and kind eyes.

He’s off-limits to Aliya, and but she can’t get her mind off how attractive and supportive he is. Wanting him is so wrong, but maybe it’s time for her to live a little before settling down.

Also, here’s a bundle for you 🙂

Supernatural Samaritans Series Bundle

Three sisters find their lives changed on Halloween as they meet supernatural men with a penchant for damsels in distress. These paranormal gentlemen promise to show the young innocent women exactly what they’re missing out on.

Fanged Gentleman

After her best friend cancels on her, Alyssa thinks that her 21st birthday celebration can’t get any worse. She’s alone in a club on Halloween, and some creep thinks she’s easy prey. When the club owner steps in to help her, she’s grateful and curious about the man that can break bones with a mere grip.

His protective alpha male nature stirs up novel feelings inside her, and she wonders how far she’s willing to let her curiosity go.

Lunar Rescuer

Being stranded near the woods is not Becca’s idea of a good time, but neither was staying in the car with her persistent and now ex-boyfriend. Scared and doomed to walk home in the dark, she accepts her fate until a mysterious stranger shows up to offer her a ride. The wolves in the area force her hand, and she accepts his charity.

The man is unnervingly huge and shows his alpha male side when he learns what her ex did. He’s far kinder to her than anyone she’s ever dated, but is it enough to lower her defenses and explore something new?

Herbal Enchanter

After being sent off to find a couple hundred pumpkins for an impromptu party, Camilla wonders why she continues to deal with her boss. With a strict deadline, she races around trying to complete her errand. She’s forced to beg for help from the handsome owner of a pumpkin patch, who sympathizes with her plight.

He’s helpful with a talent for predicting things, and his alpha male side manages to help her confront her overbearing boss. When he extends an invitation to her, will she take it?

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