Committed Hearts and Seasonal Shenanigans ;)

Good morning, everybody!

Committed Hearts, aka Book 4 of Can This Be Real (Hesitant Hearts) series, is now available!


Six months after Marina asks Jasmine a life-changing question, they set up a meeting to announce the news to their families. They know they haven’t been a couple for long, but they are ready to take the next step.

What will happen when all is revealed? Are they prepared for their parents’ reactions?

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Seasonal Shenanigans

I worked on a Winter Holiday anthology along with thirteen other authors, and it’s now available for pre-order!

Blurb for my story:

New Beginnings

When Erika’s Winter Solstice ritual doesn’t go as planned, it joins her list of worries, right next to her struggles to run her newly acquired business. Then her handsome neighbor, David, drops by to offer her some company. What starts off as a venting session between two frustrated adults leads to a cathartic and pleasurable encounter.

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