Two Taboo Stories!

I just realized that I forgot to make an official post for the two erotic shorts I released last week.  Both are taboo aka pseudo-incest, and I had a lot of fun writing both.

They are both available for $2.99 each or for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

First up, we have Our Taboo Anniversary:

Our Taboo Anniversary Cover

Meg wants to make her fifth marriage anniversary with her Troy really special, and a threesome is the best idea she comes up with.  She scours the internet looking for a match and is about to give up when her step-sister reaches out to her.  She’s only known the woman for a few years since their parents married right around the time she did.  Alyssa is young, sexy, and a virgin.  Meg makes the impulsive decision to proposition her, and not only does Alyssa agree but she’s eager to have her first time be with them.  The only thing is, Troy doesn’t know yet.

Then, we also have Punishing the Brat:

Punishing the Brat Cover

Joseph and Regina and tired of all the phone calls and meetings because their adopted daughter, Maya, is sleeping with half the neighborhood.  It gets even worse when they walk in on our fucking some random man.  Regina has had enough and forces the couple to continue despite their presence.  Then they add Joseph’s son to the mix and join in on the fun themselves.

Like I’ve mention several times, I really like writing threesomes/orgies and taboo stories.  There’s something about a group effort and the forbidden nature of it all that gives me inspiration to write the filthiest yet sexiest stories I can imagine.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them 😉

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂

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