Last Day to get Hesitant Hearts for 99 cents!

Today is the last day to get Hesitant Hearts for 99 cents!

Hesitant Hearts

Former college roommates and current best friends, Jasmine and Marina, have this deep bond that can’t be explained by the mere word “friendship”. But even the relationship they built on trust and support doesn’t prevent Jasmine from being terrified of coming out to Marina.

The conversation goes better than she expects, and it strengthens their bond. When they become roommates again, Marina shows off her more affectionate and friendlier side, and Jasmine can’t pretend that she’s unaffected by it. She begins to wonder if their relationship is strictly platonic since friends don’t usually sleep in the same bed or spoon each other most nights.

Is it Jasmine’s imagination, or is there something more on the horizon? Does Marina know the message she’s sending, or is there some truth on her part that needs to be discovered as well?

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