100k Word Challenge: Day 22

Words written:  1,032

Thoughts:  Guess who’s back?  Kinda…I woke up this morning, and my body did not want to move, so I called in sick to work.  I slept in until 10am, ordered some food around 1pm, and watched some Let’s Plays on YouTube.

I did not work on my novella today since I felt I needed a break.  I wrote some fanfiction instead and had fun doing it.  I’m slowly getting back into the game.  I think I’m going to take a break from my novella for a few days and write some fanfiction, but not to worry, I have several stories all written up.

They all needed to be edited and have promo material created, but at least they’re written.  I won’t be able to release a story this week since I’d like to take a break from anything stress related (I love writing and publishing erotica, but a little break is good).  So, I’ll release two stories next week!

Alright, it’s time for me to head to bed, so good night!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂

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