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Thanksgiving Writing Week: Day 4

After I wrote yesterday’s post about Days 1-3, I went on to finish 5,000 words for my anthology story.  It took me longer to finish than normal.  I was struggling a bit with conflict sinceContinue reading

Thanksgiving Writing Week: Days 1-3

I planned on spending my entire week writing for various projects, and except for Monday, I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been wrestling with allergies and a cold for the past few weeks, so it’sContinue reading

Writing Progress Update!

This past weekend I finished the first draft of Book 4 of the Can This Be Real series and started on Book 5.  I also got some feedback from an editor, Christina Rose Andrews (they’reContinue reading

Plans for the Future

Hello all! I’m planning my writing and publishing schedule for next year, and I would like some feedback! I plan on writing novel length stories in the near future, but I wanted to know whatContinue reading

Some updates!

I apologize that there was no book review on Friday.  After I got home from work, I focused on redoing and editing my website, and the time flew by.  I should resume them next Friday.Continue reading

Tell me what you like :)

Happy Friday!  I’m curious as to what kind of themes you prefer to see in my stories.   What kind of scenarios or kinks are you into?  What would you like me to write moreContinue reading

Change of plans…

It’s nothing bad, I swear!  Well, not necessarily bad. So I was working on my fantasy novella series, when I realized that it wasn’t working.  I tried to redo the outlines and come up withContinue reading