Thanksgiving Writing Week: Days 1-3

I planned on spending my entire week writing for various projects, and except for Monday, I’ve been doing pretty well.

I’ve been wrestling with allergies and a cold for the past few weeks, so it’s been a slow process.

On Monday, I created a little project to help draw in more readers.  I mentioned it on Twitter and my Facebook page, so I’ll announce it officially on here.  Hopefully, sometime next week, I’ll be releasing a series of short stories that are completely free!  But since they’re free, they’re only going to be 1,000 words each.  I have five total planned, and three of them are already written.  My goal for this is to share a sample of my writing for each erotica sub-genre I write in.  The sub-genres that are getting a story are lesbian, interracial, menage, taboo, and dubcon.

While I don’t write taboo and dubcon anymore, I do plan on revising my older series to match the improvement of my writing skills.  I might also occasionally write a taboo or dubcon story if I’m in the mood or if people request it.  I haven’t forgotten how my Modern Erotic Fairy Tales series drove my sales up and increased my income.  So while it’s not a priority, I will write the occasional story if asked to honor those who made my series do so well.

Back to my updates, on Tuesday I started on a story for an anthology that’s due sometime next month.  The minimum required word count is 20k, and I’m halfway there.  I wrote 5k on Tuesday and another 5k on Wednesday.  My goal is to finish by tomorrow (Friday).

I’m also working on revising my first series, Claiming the Coed.  It’s getting a deep edit, new blurbs, and possibly new covers.  I finished editing the first book today and got a few words into the second book.  I’m hoping to have everything finished by Saturday so it can be live by Monday.

So here’s a break down of my progress on my writing goals for this week:

  • Monday: Wrote a 1k freebie short story
  • Tuesday: Wrote a 1k freebie short story and wrote 5k words for anthology
  • Wednesday: Wrote a 1k freebie short story, edited part of Book 1 of the Coed series, and wrote 5k words for anthology
  • Today/Thursday (In Progress): So far I’ve written another 1k freebie short story, and I finished editing Book 1 of my Coed series.

Now all I have left to do today is write 5,000 words for the anthology story.  I’m at the halfway point which means it’s time for a sex scene!  The story is about another interracial lesbian/bisexual couple, but this is more of a second chance/childhood crush trope.  It’s coming out quite nicely, and I can’t wait for the anthology to go live sometime next year.

So there’s my progress for the week, the rest of today’s update will be posted tomorrow morning!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love, Dana Kenzi 🙂

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