Month: November 2017

Thanksgiving Writing Week: Day 4

After I wrote yesterday’s post about Days 1-3, I went on to finish 5,000 words for my anthology story.  It took me longer to finish than normal.  I was struggling a bit with conflict sinceContinue reading

Thanksgiving Writing Week: Days 1-3

I planned on spending my entire week writing for various projects, and except for Monday, I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been wrestling with allergies and a cold for the past few weeks, so it’sContinue reading

Writing Progress Update!

This past weekend I finished the first draft of Book 4 of the Can This Be Real series and started on Book 5.  I also got some feedback from an editor, Christina Rose Andrews (they’reContinue reading

Back From a Conference

I was at a writer’s conference in another state for these past few days.  I had a lot fun, did some networking (who knew an introvert like me could be so social), and I learnedContinue reading