Month: August 2017

Burnout x Flu Recovery x PMS

As you’ve probably noticed from my blog posts for the past two weeks, my physical health is not in the best shape.  Two weeks ago, I caught the flu, only to recover right in timeContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 19

Words written:  5,291 Thoughts:  I was going to shoot for 10,000 words, but my brain was just not having it.  I created some filler scenes that turned out to be pretty bad ass, and I’mContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 18

Words written:  10,228 Thoughts:  I almost forgot to write this post since I’ve been trying to get started on these two new projects I had.  Anyway, I finished my novella and started on the nextContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 17

Words written: 260 Thoughts:  A million things all converged at once today, which left me to re-prioritize my word count.  I took it easy at work, but PMS brain is still present.  Halfway through theContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 16

Words written:  258 Thoughts:  I am exhausted.  I took it easy at work, but the current events had my mind going all day.  Also, PMS is no joke, and it’s only gotten worse as I’veContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 15

Words written:  3,473 Thoughts:  I am so tired.  It’s PMS week, and my body hates me.  I sat around for two hours before I started writing.  Everything hurts, I’m irritable at work, and I’m hungryContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Days 13 and 14

Words written on Day 13:  5,013 Words written on Day 14:  305 Thoughts:  Yesterday was productive, but today wasn’t.  My story is finally wrapping up, and all I need is the final sex scene, minorContinue reading