Month: August 2017

100k Word Challenge: Day 30

Words written today:  2,049 Words written overall this month:  100,490 Thoughts:  Woohoo!  I did it!  I wrote 100,000 words in one month!  It was incredibly hard, but I learned time management (doesn’t count when I’mContinue reading

Guess what’s free for FIVE DAYS?!

That’s right?  An Unconventional Wedding Night is free on Kindle from August 30 to September 3rd! Jake is worried that his upcoming wedding night won’t go well since he and his wife, Lily, are inexperienced. AfterContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 29

Words written:  1,645 Thoughts:  Oh my word, I told my fanfic readers to give me prompts, and one person sent me eighteen in the space of a few hours.  Most of them I wouldn’t writeContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 28

Words written:  2,057 Thoughts:  Success!  Over 2,000 words written for my novella!  The protagonists just had sex, and it was really fun to write.  I wrote all this in less than an hour, and IContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 23

Words written:  2,055 Thoughts:  Took another day off work and relaxed.  I feel so much better, and it’s amazing to not feel exhausted for the first time in weeks. I wrote some more fanfiction today,Continue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 22

Words written:  1,032 Thoughts:  Guess who’s back?  Kinda…I woke up this morning, and my body did not want to move, so I called in sick to work.  I slept in until 10am, ordered some foodContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 21

Words written:  261 Thoughts:  Another lazy day, but I’m slowly coming to terms with not being as productive.  My health is top priority, so I need to make sure I’m well before I go backContinue reading

100k Word Challenge: Day 20

Words written:  276 Thoughts:  Writing came pretty easy to me today.  I only wrote for a couple of minutes, and I would have continued if I didn’t need to start getting ready for bed.  AsContinue reading