Have a freebie on me :) July 27-31

What are your plans for the last five days of July?

For me, I have work today, a movie tomorrow, free day on Saturday, going to my friend’s convention panel on Sunday, and work again on Monday.

For you, you get to have my erotic short story Our Forbidden Love for FREE from July 27-July 31!

I really liked writing this one, and it helped me get back into putting romance in my writing (one day I’ll tell you the story of how fanfiction really got me started with writing).

Our Forbidden Love isn’t your average “will they? won’t they?” story.

No, it’s about the lovely Lena, who tells the story of how she fell in love with her stepbrother, Caleb.

Caleb is visiting for the summer, and Lena is preparing for her first year in college.  The hot weather demands that he walk around the house topless, and it distracts Lena enough to bring up the naughty thoughts she once buried.

She knows it’s wrong to think of her stepbrother like that, but deep inside she holds out hope that he feels the same way.  With his flirting and antics, Lena gives in and pleasures herself to the image of him.

What will happen when he walks in on her?

Will he walk away and leave her  unsatisfied or will he show her how deep his own feelings for her are and leave her innocence destroyed and filled with love?

You can find out for FREE in…

Our Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Cover JPEG

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Much love, Dana Kenzi

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